Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Al-A'laa In Memory

Finally, it's over. My school life is over. School? I love school. It just the routine of my school life that I find it quite dull. You woke up the next morning and faced the same routines. Get me? But then I realized, the routines were completing my story, my whole life. And someday, I just know that I will extremely miss the routines in my school. Well, I am now..

I still remember that day, when my class was quite havoc, I sat there quietly. Observing their faces, their laughters, their attitudes. I said to myself, "Will I ever miss this?"

And now, I could simply answer the question, " I do. And will always do"

5 Al-A'laa
Sitting here thinking about yesterday
How we shared a laugh and played
How we celebrated good news

It is such a huge blessing that I have a lot of good friends. Although the really good ones is like only a few, but still, I am grateful.