Monday, March 25, 2013


Dear Hope, are you there ? Honestly, I really need you right now. I know that there is something wrong with me. I know that I'm not OKAY. Is there any hope for me ? Day by day, I feel like I've lost my strength. I'm getting weak and weak and weak. Sometimes I can't breathe properly. I pretend that I'm all right. I always put a smile on my face so that human only see how happy and cheerful I am. They won't notice how capable I am on faking smiles. They are too busy with their life. They just don't care. That's all. Anyway and anyhow, I believe that there is still a hope. Well, when you know that you're sick, that doesn't mean you're going to die. Maybe you'll learn how to appreciate the life you live more. Before I stop, I just gonna tell you that I've a problem with my liver. But I'm doing fine. It still not on a critical stage yet. Allah knows the best for me :') Thankyou Allah