Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slip Result Hilang !

That was about 30 minutes the worst nightmare I have ever felt.
the worst !
I was about to cry and screaming.
Because last night, I thought I gave the right slip.
Yes 100 percent was my fault because I just took it out and just gave it to my father.
Without even checked it out !

So my nightmare began when my father called me.
He was kinda mad because on the slip was clearly stated 'PMR'.
He was at school at that time and I was just laying on my bed.
At first, I thought it was kinda funny.
And I just can imagine my father's face.
Just the silly me always.

But then, I couldn't find my slip.
I mean the real one !
So I tried to calm down.
I searched from all the files.
And even under the bed >__<
But it nowhere to be found.

I thought my future will be totally ruined.
I destroy my own future !
And nobody will take me in the university.
I gave up with my study.
I gave up with my life.
Kinda upset.

But then, with the frown face,
I opened this English book.
It was there ! 
In the first page.
I was emotionally hugging the slip.
As if I found my love one.

Well, alhamdulillah.
It was just a nightmare.
And I was lucky that I was all alone at that time.
At least, nobody saw how I react.
Nobody saw the silly me in the morning.

Hey yo!