Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Speechless :O

Speechless is something that you are temporarily unable to speak. One of the most awkward thing in my life is SPEECHLESS. Seriously, that 'thing' makes me feel totally a crap ! I feel like a jerk! Sumpah, I need that 'thing' out of my life! Yes, I know SPEECHLESS is something normal but I really hate that 'thing' when I need to speak out, I can't ! Macam kat sekolah tadi , as I was walking down the stairs, I accidentally bertembung dengan Cikgu ***** ( i think i don't have to mention his name here ). Then, we both stopped for a few seconds. So , what would you do then? Of course you wanna greet him, right? So do I ! I looked at his face and he seemed very depressed. I guess* Haha. Seriously, saya cuba untuk cakap ASSALAMUALAIKUM but I can't ! I opened my mouth as if I am about to speak. I was so astonished I could scarcely speak. Then, I just walked away. I feel extremely guilty about that. I hope I won't offend him by treated him like that. Please don't label me as an EGOTIST person. I dare to be different ! Okay ? :D Sorry for what I have done. SORRY :(

p/s : Actually when it comes to you, something really different happen and I don't know why. I feel like there's something stuck in my throat. It's something that won't let me 'talk' to you no matter how hard I try . I just don't know how to start and it caught me SPEECHLESS! Weird, eh? :P Haha What ever lah ...