Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Capturing the Memories

The Boyce Avenue's soundtrack gave the different feeling for her. She felt chill but sad somehow. She was in the car with him. Heading to somewhere else and trying to make some memories with him. She tried to push the negative feelings away. "I want to be happy for now", she said to herself.

Every little thing he did, she tried to capture one by one. Even the small gestures, she won't miss! The smile, the laughter, the way he ate, everything. She already said to herself that she wanted to keep all the memories inside her head, her heart. Because she terrified, that maybe and just maybe that will be their last met.

They will go to their separate ways. And she was afraid. Afraid of so much possibilities that will happen. "Is this the way we said goodbye?", the words appeared in her head. That time she was smiling while looking at him.

He stopped exactly in front of her house. But she sit still. She did not even move out from the car. Only silence sang along with them. She looked away to the window, tried to hide the sadness. But time was moving really fast, she had to go. She had to leave.

"Bye, thankyou for everything."